Moving to Alaska

Whether you’re moving to Alaska or moving from Alaska, you’ll want to choose a moving company that is experienced in the special logistics of The Final Frontier. Compass has been safely and securely moving household goods to and from Alaska since 1982.

With an average customer satisfaction rating greater than 99%, you can trust us to handle every aspect of moving your belongings to your new home no matter where it is, at a price you can afford.

Moving to or from Alaska is a big change. We make the actual move the easy part.

When it comes to moving, Compass takes care of everything for you, making perhaps the biggest move of your life the easiest one yet.

With us, you’ll receive a fair quote that includes packing, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking for a full-service experience that lets you and your family focus on adjusting to your new home. We figure you have enough on your mind when moving to or from Alaska. Surprise charges or unexpected fees should not be one of them.

As your Alaskan moving company, we’re prepared for anything so you can be too.

Severe weather fluctuations can make it a challenge to plan your move to or from Alaska, but Compass has the experience to move your belongings to your new home in the Land of the Midnight Sun, no matter what time of year or how remote your destination.

Wondering what to move to Alaska with you? Take as much of your furniture and appliances with you as you can. With the cost of living in Alaska higher than in the lower 48, purchasing items there can be more expensive than moving them with Compass. Consider buying items you’ll need like snow blowers and such before you leave and move them with you. The cost of moving these goods is usually less than buying them once you arrive.

Shipping your car to or from Alaska? Let Compass handle shipping your vehicle. Get a quote.

Can packing your household items yourself save you money on your move? No, not when you consider the enormous number of miles your goods will travel. When moving to or from Alaska, things must be packed with extra care to help prevent damage on the long journey. Plus, third-party insurers often don’t cover items that were not packed by the moving company.

Not just a moving company, a valuable resource when you’re moving to or from Alaska.

Compass isn’t just your average moving company. Moving to or from Alaska requires more than packing boxes and loading them on a truck.

Rely on our years of moving families like yours. Ask us for advice, tips and information. From planning your move to adjusting to life in Alaska, we’re always here to listen and help.

Let the experience of Compass work for you. Call 866.305.5442 or email us